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a chibi experience

pretty things, cute things, different things... *covers eyes*

22 October 1987
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I'm the kind of person who always likes to be doing something, but knows when to kick back and relax. I am very passionate about music and have a wide variety of interests that keep me pretty busy. I am probably one of the most sociable introverts you will ever meet.

First impressions: People notice that I am a pretty big nerd fairly soon after meeting me. Maybe it's the never-ending quest for knowledge, the interest in science fiction or being overly contemplative in general. I am also very honest, open-minded and love a fun intelligent conversation.

I love to create - in many interpretations of that word. Be it with words, food, textiles, paint, tools or simply my imagination I could not live in a world without the power of reinvention and creative thought. I have a lot of interests...

As of September 2007 this journal is friends-only, please comment to be added.
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